This page is dedicated to all adults who are curious about services offer by the parish to enhance their faith or simply learn about the faith. There are also lists of ministries for those who wish to become involved in the church. All ministries listed are in need of dedicated volunteers. Happy browsing. 

 Coordinator of Adult Ministries: Deacon Jose Ferreras 714-678-3426


Learning Opportunities: Learn about the Church and Our Faith 

Adult Education Opportunities - with Fr. John Monestero, March 23-April 6, 2017.

Bible Study - Currently studying the Old Testament

Adult Faith Formation
- For adults (18 and older) interested in learning about the history and the why of our faith and for adults seeking Baptism and First Communion. 


Charity & Community Service Opportunities

Cenacle - Prepares hot lunch and feeds the hungry on Sundays

Saint Vincent de Paul - Gives out grocery bags to the needy in the community

Prayer Shawl Ministry - crochets shawls to give warm and comfort to the sick


Worship Ministries: Liturgy (Mass) Service Opportunities

Altar Servers - assist the priest/deacon during Mass or other liturgy services 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - assist the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Masses

Greeters - Greets the people coming to Mass

Lectors - proclaims the Word of the Lord in Masses or other liturgy services 

Ushers - Assist the people coming to Mass or other liturgy services and assist with the collection


Teaching and Sharing our Faith

Catechist - Certified adults who share the faith with the youth in Faith Formation classes. 

Other forms of assistance include: classroom aids and  office aids. Contact Faith Formation office for more information in getting involved: 714-535-6111.